Qatar driving culture explained

One of the first things expats need to get used to when they first come to Qatar is a distinct driving style some people have on the road. Where did it come from? No one seems to have an answer. Perhaps this audio clip might be able to help a little.

A Qatari perspective on driving culture in Qatar–

(Originally published on Qatar Living)

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Qatar National Sports Day

Sports photography should be considered a kind of sport. I did my fair share of exercise while photographing this football tournament on the Sports Day.

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[Doha News] Qatar strives to expand honey production, but heat a challenge

Amid plans to move away from its dependency on food imports, Qatar has been experimenting with commercial beekeeping and honey production. Over the past year, the country’s Ministry of Environment has set up about 30 farms in the north, located strategically near indigenous Sidra trees. From their blossoms, bees gather nectar to produce sidr honey, […]

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[Doha News] PHOTOS: Riding the Doha Bus

Spotted a colorful double decker bus around town? You’ve driven past a Doha Bus, one of the newest additions to Doha’s tourist scene.

Starting from this month, you can tour around the city’s most famous spots riding an open-top bus. Trundling from the airport end of the Corniche all the way to the Pearl, the route takes tourists on a tour of Doha’s past, present and future.

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