Journeys to the West

I have a plan. I want to go there every summer.

Tibet, in my eyes, is culture and nature interlaced. Ever since middle school, I developed this Tibet complex. I was fascinated by Tibetan tales, essence of Tibetan Buddhism, and people’s worship of nature. I’ve been begging my mom for years before she finally decided that I could go to Lhasa the summer I graduated from high school. What I saw was absolutely amazing scenes and many hidden stories of the people to be told.

This year, I went to a different part of Tibet, Ngaba County, Sichuan Province.With questions about immolators and protests in mind, I decided to go back more often and discover things people from the outside are not seeing.

My first slideshow is coming soon… Need some more time on that.

But, hey, if you are interested in join me on my next journey, why not leave me a comment and we can talk more about that!

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